Gale Harold

I want to make that very clear, right up front. Gale has had many offers to do an official fan site, and he doesn’t want one. He feels very strongly about that, but I know people go on the web looking for information about him, so I’ll tell you what I know or find out here. I met Gale once, he was very nice, but I’m not a friend or co-worker of any sort and I’m not in touch with him, so don’t write to me trying to reach him. I’m just an avid fan.

This is about the fifth incarnation of this site. It used to be much more extensive and have lots of screen caps of Gale’s earlier work. I may add some of that stuff as we go along, but at present we’ll be talking about Gale’s work as Charles Meade in the new CW series The Secret Circle.

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The Secret Circle

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